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Make a Keepsake from your Memories.

Gifts made of loved ones shirts, ties, blankets and more.

When someone you love or a special occasion becomes a memory, let me turn that memory you hold in your heart, into a keepsake you can hold in your hands forever.

Take a walk down Memory Lane and browse through the boutique gallery of Memory Bears and Necktie treasures, keepsakes which are handmade from a loved ones shirt, necktie, baby quilt and other items.

A great gift to give to celebrate the life of someone special or to share a memory from an occasion you wish to remember forever.


Memory Bears

Teddy Bears made from shirts or blankets.

Create a Memory Bear made from your loved ones favorite shirt or baby blanket.

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necktie pillow

Pillows and Bears made from Neckties

Turn neckties to an everyday pillow.

From your grandfather’s or husband’s ties, why not have them turned into a pillow?



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See what we can create for you!

We can create everyday memories for you home using loved one’s many items of clothing.

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Let us make a Keepsake Memory out of your loved ones items:
Blankets, Old Shirts, Dresses, Neckties, Table Cloths or your choice item.

  • Wedding Keepsakes
  • Baby Keepsakes
  • Family Keepsakes
  • Love Ones Keepsakes
  • Memories from special life’s events and occasions.